Monday, March 27, 2017

PS4, XBox1/Scorpio, or WiiU/Switch--Which Console's Right For You?

I know I'm late to the game, as I just started this blog, but for those who have not invested in the current gen systems and are on the fence, I wanted to give an objective view as to which console you should get.

For those who love FPS and sports games, as well as having most of your friends on the XBox ecosystem, the XBox1S is a no-brainer.  The controller, and especially the Elite controller, are best in class.  Reportedly, Microsoft spent $10 million to design the controller to be as ergonomic as possible, and it showed.  Further, the XBox1S has a 4k Blu-ray player.

For me, the stand-out game on the Xbox1S is Ori and the Blind Forest, which is the best platform game I've ever played.  Furthermore, Microsoft is doing a great job with back compatiblity of 360 games.  I took advantage of it, and it does appear that Lost Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption had improved graphics and framerate over the 360 version.

The upcoming Scorpio appears to be a very exciting console, but the issue is why invest in a Scorpio if only multi-plat games are available for the system, with no XBox/PC exclusive games?  With the death of Scalebound and other promised Xbox exclusives, it's unclear if Microsoft has any new IPs in the pipeline.  If only they can resurrect Scalebound in Kamiya's ORIGINAL vision, then I can see Scorpio being a possible worthwhile investment.  But, we'll have to see what new IPs MSFT will bring to the table.

If you tend toward RPGs (especially JRPGs), love Playstation Exclusives, and indie games, Playstation 4 is up your alley.  The issue is the rather bad DS4 controller.  Although it's an improvement over the DS3, that's not really saying much.  The solution is to purchase the XIM4 so you can use the Xbox 1 or Elite controller with it.

Before Bloodborne and this years' PS4 exclusives, and XBox's Ori and back-compatible games, my Wii U got the most usage.  Wii U exclusives Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, and Xenoblade Chronicles X are all absolutely fantastic games.  I'm not a fan of the Zelda and Mario series, but they are available and Zelda: BotW has gotten immense acclaim.  If you really love Nintendo's first and second party games, the Wii U is a no-brainer, and you also have the huge Wii and Virtual Console libraries at your disposal.

As for the Switch, if you truly love Zelda and are addicted to BotW (though please try it on a friend's device to make sure), then it is worth it.  The issue I have is that Nintendo is not known to support their consoles.  I'm afraid that due to the irreplaceable batteries that the console will not last.  Nintendo will replace the battery for a fee, but when their new console comes out, will they continue with this program?  If not, eventually your Switch battery will die, and you can never ever use the console again.

The Switch accessories are outrageously overpriced, so in effect, the Switch ends up being even more expensive than a PS4 and XBOX1S bundled package!

Further, due to the underpowered nature of Switch, there is no way third party AAA titles will be on it.  First, the storage is 32 GB (26 GB of free space), and the AAA titles are often well over 40 GB as it is.  I'm not sure how a developer can shrink 40 GB down to 24 GB without spending a lot of time and resources recoding the whole game.

On the other hand, if Nintendo decides that Switch is to replace the 3DS and it now gets the 3DS exclusives, the Switch is a strong recommendation if you love 3DS games.  I might even get one, despite the possible non-permanence of the Switch!

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