Monday, July 17, 2017

Attractive Dark Souls 3 Characters

Domino, Ashen One, Dark Souls 3
The hardest thing about Dark Souls 3 is creating attractive characters. Here are the sliders for my male and female characters. If the category isn't listed, then it's the default one.

Unfortunately, when I attempted to make the character look less "pasty", it appeared to mess up with the other appearance categories, so I didn't change the skin tone. Fortunately, though, they don't appear pasty in-game.

The first one is my male character, named after my cat, Domino.

Age: Young
Build Detail:  128/128/128/128/128
Base Skin Color:  155/140/130
Skin Color:  243/221/115/77/101/106/132/160

  • Features:  50/100/10 
  • Face Shape 
    • Facial Balance:  116/1/130/243/68/73
    • Forehead/Glabella:  188/228/199/158/69/93
    • Brow Ridge:  57/27/101
    • Eyes:  180/215/188/124
    • Nose Ridge:  138/193/105/42/119/80/181 
    • Nostrils:  186/96/154/94
    • Cheeks:  142/153/161/146/84
    • Lips:  198/74/129/0/215/90
    • Mouth:  205/130/97/214/144/200
    • Chin:  70/96/69/69/222/150/170 
    • Jaw:  153/161/72/207 
  •  Hair/Facial Hair
    • Hair/Brow/Beard:  0/0/0
    • Hair:  1st row, 2nd column.
    • Hair Color:  0/0/0
    • Brow:  4th row, 3rd column 
    • Brow Color:  0/0/0
    • Beard:  1st row, 2nd column 
    • Beard Color:  0/0/0
    • Eyelashes:  1st row, 2nd column
    • Eyelash color:  0/0/0
  • Pupils
    • Pupils: 1st row, 1st column
    • Color of Pupils:  53/38/17
  • Cosmetics
    • 153/116/100/140/80/80/117/137
N.C., Esq. At Your Service
This second one is my female character, named after my cat, Niki, and is the pretentious, self-important, full of herself, aggressive persona and "guest writer", N.C., Esq.  
Age: Young
Build Detail:  95/60/0/40/55
Base Skin Color:  145/130/120
Skin Color:  160/130/140/140/125/115/135/130

  • Features:  20/135/0 
  • Face Shape:
    • Facial Balance:  130/130/130/150/230/120
    • Forehead/Glabella:  150/210/80/130/20/135
    • Brow Ridge:  255/135/130
    • Eyes:  50/160/155/92
    • Nose Ridge:  150/90/95/100/160/150/140
    • Nostrils:  135/115/95/25
    • Cheeks:  95/160/130/145/155
    • Lips:  255/135/73/0/255/120
    • Mouth:  190/255/185/80/75/135
    • Chin:  180/170/130/130/130/160/110
    • Jaw:  200/90/50/110
  • Hair/Facial Hair
    • Hair/Brow/Beard:  220/85/52
    • Hair:  4th row, 1st column
    • Hair Color:  220/85/52
    • Brow:  4th row, 3rd column
    • Brow Color:  255/85/52
    • Eye lashes: 2nd row, 1st column
    • Eyelash color:  0/0/0
  • Pupils
    • Pupils:  1st row, 3rd column
    • Color of Pupils:  80/100/180
    • Cosmetics:  130/115/100/180/40/50/165/120
I'm a feminist and against looks-ism, but in video games, we want to enjoy fantasy so female and male eye candy is a must. At any rate, are these characters hot or not, and please feel free to share your own favorite characters!

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  1. My characterls are all near to default, only important distunction to me is my hair, which is always Long DarkBrown-Black hair tied back in the simplest mid height ponytail they offer. I have been known to change genders entirely if I need to playing a female despite my obvious lacking of a demon chamber. I couldn't recognise myself in a crowd without my hair, to me it's a very important identifier. It's the only real thing I worry about IRL, so it's the only thing I worry about in game characters too.


  2. Sorry Phil, blogspot deleted my comment, so I'll try to recreate my reply. I'm definitely more looks-ist than you, and actually rolled a new character because of hairstyle. I'm glad that Dark Souls 3 allows for appearance changes, but am rather upset that they don't allow you to change genders!

    It makes a whole lot of sense to use hairstyle as an identifier for practical reasons, but I'm more superficial than you, as I'd prefer a decent hairstyle, and Dark Souls 3 really isn't good at that!

    1. I think a large part to that, is possibly just because of how I create my character's. Unless I have a cosplay build or character in mind, I'll alway's treat them like an avatar of myself. I'm a guy, when I get ready to go out I'll put some clothes on, brush my hair, tie it back and leave. I don't wear make-up or fuss over spots or blemishes, I barely check the mirror for 5 seconds just to make sure nothing's wrong. I often take the same approach to my characters. I don't bother with my face ar all, all,I worry about is that my hair is the right colour and tied back, and that I like my outfit.



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