Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens 
As I got swept into the world of Bullet Journaling, the hot topic is fountain pens, and I remember growing up, I've always wanted a very nice fountain pen, given my love of stationary, so I wanted to learn more about them.

I read about the basics of fountain pens, and my heart sank. The very first and basic point made about fountain pens is that you should NEVER let anyone use your pen as it would change the way the nibs feel, as they're shaped by the individual way that you write and place pressure, so it would warp the nibs in the wrong way, that won't be uniquely yours, if someone dares even breathe on the pen!

That's a complete deal-breaker, because the most fun part of pens is sharing them with your friends, so you can have a rich discussion into the feel, the color, how fun it is and how it compares to other pens.

I remember when my friend and I were surprised that we both felt that this particular drug-rep pen is the best, because the ink has a clicky feel when using it that's extremely pleasant, and it makes you write neater, which is hard to explain, but we both agreed at once. And, it was fun to discuss why we love this pen so much. We both then bitched and moaned that we didn't have the foresight to grab all these pens, as they're not sold on the market, when these incredible pens ran out of ink. To this day, I can't find a comparable pen. 

The other issue of fountain pens is that it appears that Clairefontaine paper is the only paper that can truly take fountain pens with confidence, as other papers have issues of ghosting and bleeding, so you're stuck with only Clairefontaine and Rhodia (which has Clairefontaine paper but only at 80 gsm weight) notebooks, as the most accessible notebooks that you can buy online. 

There are other esoteric notebooks that have Clairefontaine paper, but hard to find. Further, both Clairefontaine and Rhodia don't quite have the style of Bullet Journal that I'm looking for, lacking many fun colors of other more "main stream" notebook lines.

The final problem is that fountain pens are outrageously expensive, some can cost a thousand dollars (?!??), so considering how easy it is to lose pens, I don't find this makes anyone comfortable to even use. I feel like I'd need it in a lock box at all times. For me, Fountain Pens are a bad idea!

Dark Souls 3 Progress
Being distracted by the world of Bullet Journaling, I've made minimal progress since last week. Since I'm really into journaling, I've been taking notes of all the items, so it certainly reminds me of my college days, and propelled me to write a review of the Getting Straight A's book. However, the note taking, though solidifying my memory, takes quite a long time.

Disgustingly Cute Pictures
I apologize for this short post, because I also have to recover from sugar overdose after seeing these pictures

The How of Happiness Review.

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