Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wall Street Journal--Avoid Unless It's Free, Dark Souls 3 (Monday Musings 2)

My Wall Street Journal Experience
From my understanding, the Wall Street Journal is a newspaper, so it should report on the news in as objective manner as possible, like other newspapers. Yes, Wall Street is predominantly in the title, so I expected the emphasis on finances.

I was thinking that their business section would be way more in-depth than other newspapers, and then the main news, sports, arts section would be as is per other newspapers. At any rate, I decided to subscribe to it as it was extremely cheap at the time at only $25/year for new subscribers, if my memory serves me correctly, so why not? It's a rather nice experience to drink coffee and read the newspaper in the morning.

Unfortunately, this was during the time of the Bernie Madoff scandal, so every single article was about him for weeks and weeks on end. After the second week, I was so sick of reading yet another article describing how a Ponzi Scheme works. I mean, enough already, he swindled very rich, distinguished people and organizations, let's move on!

It has gotten to the point that there's a mention of Madoff even in sections where this topic is irrelevant (i.e. Sports section). If they didn't mention Madoff in the Arts or Sports sections, there's mention of money in some round-about, irrelevant way.

When I cancelled the subscription, the nice customer representative asked why since I already paid for the year, and I answered, "I just can't take reading another article about Bernie Madoff".

She laughed knowing that it reached such a ridiculous level. Again, this newspaper has the words Wall Street in it, but the emphasis on money, money and money was extremely amusing to me, no matter what the topic, as mentioned above.

To say they have a money fetish is quite an understatement. If I were their food journalist and wrote a recipe like this, I'd get an immediate raise, promotion, and a larger office with a magnificent view.

International Award-Winning Chocolate Chip Recipe Ingredients:
1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter
3/4 cup packed dark brown sugar 
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 (12-ounce) bag semisweet chocolate chips, or chunks
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 tsp fine salt

Evenly position 2 racks in the middle of the oven, and preheat at 375 degrees. Next, the global chocolate market is expected to grow from $83.2 billion in 2010 to $98.3 billion in 2016 at an estimated CAGR of 2.7% from 2011 to 2016. 

Rating: D- to F.  Recommended as long as there's NO major financial scandal and you can get a subscription free. Otherwise, NOT recommended.

Dark Souls 3 Progress and Wishes
I made Platinum, which is considerably easier than my new goal of memorizing the maps and all item placements! I wanted to do this as I'm sick of scrambling about not knowing where I was going, and getting killed. I felt that if I knew exactly where to go, I can then "stop and smell the roses" and truly enjoy the amazing scenery.

So, going through the game in more depth, I keep thinking over and over again, how there needs to be an Orange Charred Ring, a ring that allows you to cross the lava in the Smouldering Lake area, without getting burnt to a crisp, so you can get the items there.

As it stands, you need to be rather high health with all flame-resistant equipment, and then chug estus after estus, get the item, and then die if you can't make it back. I recall that in Dark Souls 1, you still lose health, but you can make it through as long as you chug estus once in awhile with flame-resistant gear.  At any rate, I think it would make sense to be rewarded with this ring as a guaranteed drop after defeating the Smouldering Lake boss, Old Demon King.

Likewise, why can't Dark Souls 3 have the equivalent of the Dark Souls 1 Rusted Iron Ring, where you can go through deep waters/mud without being so terribly slowed down?

I don't know if the thinking is that it'll make the Farron swamp, Crucifixion woods and other areas "too easy", which is nonsense, since you have to give up a ring slot to wear this ring, so it's a fair trade-off.

Perhaps they could allow for the Rusted Iron Ring after defeating the Abyss Watchers in the Farron area, if they really want you to slog through the swamp before getting the ring. I'm sure if From felt that there are "lore considerations", they can make stuff up to include these 2 rings in the game.

If this goes against past lore, then maybe make up consumables or spells that give you lava resist, or motion enhancement, and you can  easily make up new lore as to why these items exist, that will fit the world-view.

Dark Souls 3 Tips for the Elder Ghru and Great Crab
I noticed that the Elder Ghrus that I complained about can all be sniped to death by using the environment as cover. The first Elder Ghrus you encounter, you can run up the bridge that you snuff out the candle, and run past the arch. 

So if you find one chasing you, run to that bridge and go slightly past the arch. Then shoot with arrows. They really stand there trying to get at you, but not advancing, stuck in the arch.
Elder Ghru

As for the 3 clumped together Elder Ghrus that give you the Pharis items, you can also snipe. Go to the 2nd bonfire (Keep Ruins) and head to the section where the three poison-spewing enemies are. Facing the bonfire, the Ghrus are grouped together on your left. They are hard to see, but they are there.

Snipe one Ghru, and as he's approaching, hide behind the wall of rocks that is closest to the swamp (NOT the wall of rocks that is closer to the bonfire as the magic splashes onto you). 

The Ghru will approach so you can keep shooting at him, and hide behind that wall for cover. Once hidden, he will return back to his area. I prefer shooting b/c it's very safe (albeit takes patience), but if you're bold enough, you can do a plunge attack to kill him faster. Rinse and repeat until dead.
Great Crab

As for the lone great crab in the corner section of the Farron Swamp (where all those items are clustered), I never realized this as I never placed myself in the correct spot.

If you head towards the only visually evident thin white birch tree, and hold up your shield (preferably with 100% physical block), the Giant Hawkeye Gough whom you made friends with back in the Undead Settlement, will shoot the crab for you.

I would just keep blocking, but if you want to save time, when the Giant's arrow stuns the crab, you can get a couple swipes in. But the reality is, his arrows are so deadly and true, he can kill the crab for you. I'm still in process of memorizing the areas and all items, so I'll probably come up with more tips during this journey.

The How of Happiness Review


  1. I enjoyed Dark Soul's 3, though I followed a much more straightforward, stereotypical "git gud" approach to beating all these. Draw them to land with an arrow, then beat tnrm into the ground. Simple! I don't really feel like I've played enough Dark Souls 3. I love it dearly, but this time around I haven't been able to find a build I enjoy.

    In Dark Souls one I used Int-Dex (Don't tell anyone I leveled Dex tho) with a Falchion or a Great Scythe. And un Dark Souls 2 my favorute builds were Dual Weilded Blue Flame with int scaling weapon offhand, and a channeler's trident to dance after I win. I'd give an honourable mention to the 40 strength Smelter Hammer build too, that was good fun. Nobody expects the 2 second 1h "I can't weild this thing" wind up with near free aiming, decent damage and knockdown. Then when they get low, Red Rust Scimmy to finish them.

    Best I've found so far is a simple faith Dex oroboro build in DaS 3, magic is really weak so I just went faith for better buffs. I've trued making the Cleric's Candlestick work, I've tried duel weilding, I've tried weird weapons, it makes me feel bad man, none of them work for me.


  2. I originally did that method, teasing out one at a time. However, once I defeat the Ghru, I then save the file (then download the file if I die on the next Ghru), but found the above cheese method even safer and there was no need for me to keep saving and downloading. I have to compensate for my beginning gaming skills with such cheese, lol.

    I completely agree with you that there's no "meta" so to speak for an easy PVE experience in Dark Souls 3. I was like you, in DS1, it's int/dex, using Great Scythe to kill trash mobs, and then sorceries to kill bosses. With TCC, CSS, crown of dusk, power within (that's actually GOOD unlike DS3's), homing CSM, and/or dark bead, the build I made was OP.

    Dark Souls 2, I use the red iron twinblade, as the R1 multiple combo comes out to 300 x 3, or something to that effect; I forgot the exact values, plus it breaks poise even after just one R1. The only boss I used the curved dragon sword is with Sir Alonne as I could only hit him once and then dodge, etc, as it was a faster swing. Along with red iron twinblade, I think the meta in DS2 is the lightning miracles for bosses, even after the nerf, post-patch 1.08 (consoles).

    Totally agree with you, DS3 spells are quite weak, except for the Crystal Soul Spear against Nameless Knight and Yhorm (But that's WITH Siegward helping out). However, I was over-leveled at INT80, so the normal SL120 build can't achieve the same success. Agree that Faith is useful for buffs and support, but even at FTH80 and fully upgraded Yorshka's chime, the lightning miracles are absolutely pathetic!

    However, I found the refined broadsword the best short sword for quality builds--I was doing well over 500/hit, which is equivalent to a lot of the ultra-greatswords! Further, you can get in 9 swings, versus maybe 2 ultra-great sword swings, so this is a great weapon. Broadsword was viable for both trash mobs and most bosses which may be a good DS3 weapon choice.

  3. Hm, it's not that there aren't weapon't I like, I loved using Anri's SS, and the good ol' falchion, I've played a lot other weapons too. It's not that I don't like any of the weapons in this game, just that I don't love any of them.I'm not all that fussed about damage, obviously it's better if the weapon has respectable damage, but I don't care much for the prenerf Santier's Spears of the game.

    I actually rarely used my spells for fighting with, it was just nice to have something I could fall back on when I can't get close but he's punishable. I also made sure to always have weapon buffs attuned, even if they were rubbish ones.

    For my str build in 2, I actually got stuck on fume knight. Turns out a weapon as slow as the Smelter Hammer is pretty rubbish at punishing bosses. I had to switch to the Red Rust Scimitar for that one. Used it mainly for PvP though, so I wasn't too fussed. I hit Rank 3 BoB with both Smelter Hammer and Blue Flame builds, though blue flame was before the plethora of magic nerfs. Don't know if I could do it again today.


    1. I see, I feel the same way, I don't love any weapons in Dark Souls 3 either. I use the Broadsword b/c it's quite OP, fast, and doesn't take a lot of stamina. 3 just doesn't have weapons like Great Scythe and the Shield of Artorias, and the red iron twinblade of DS2.

      When I got around to trying the Santier's spear, it was nerfed, so I just stuck to the red iron twinblade.

      i wanted to get all items in DS2, but there's no way b/c of BoB and darkmoon covenants--win 500 battles, and I believe they subtract 1 if you lose in BoB, so I'm very impressed. You're definitely pro at DS2 PvP

    2. You could got to one of the higher NG's and ghost man in castle Vendrick sells you them, just so you know.

      Yeah it was a big struggle with the smelter hammer, I think one thing I really had going for me though is that nobody really know how to fight against it, with it mostly being seen as a joke weapon. It was a really strange setup, dare I say there isn't another quite like it. I purposly didn't have enough strength to actually weild the thing onehanded, because it put such a delay big on it it would catch people through their roll's and set me up to punish the knockdown. I ran with an SL 120 character with only 20VIT so I could ringswap to red tearstone for finishers easier, I had some offhand Pyro's for punishing the knockdowns, switch it up between firestorm and Fireball types, that build was my baby.


    3. Oh I'm sorry, wasn't very clear. I mean, if you lose one battle then they subtract one from your kills, so if you won 10, but then lost 2, you only get credit for 8. so you have to have good win streak to get to 500! I think dark moon covenant, they don't subtract your losses from your wins, but still that's a lot!

      you did the most reasonable thing, since I think most people 2-hand strength weapons!

    4. I know what you mean, reaching rank 3 ain't easy. But you can get the covenant rewards from chancellor wellager in what I believe is NG+3 and above, he sells them to you so people without internet or pvp skills can get the achievements too!

      I used it onehanded too, nobody see's it coming, catches everybody. Still decent damage just from the size of the thing, alternate between 1H and 2H so my opponant doesn't get too comfortable dodging my attacks.


  4. really? I don't know how I can miss that since I went up beyond NG+7 with DS3. so you can buy your way through Rank 3 of the Blood Covenant?!? Can the same be said of the dark moon? I wasn't able to get all the DS2 items precisely b/c of the 500 wins.

    I still have yet to learn how to 2-hand mu weapons like the pros. I'm just so used to block the hit, then hit enemy strat. you take no damage, whereas if you dodge/roll, you can get clipped, taking damage.

    1. You don't get the actual ranks or the phantom auras or like that, but he will sell you the curved twinblade, spirit tree shield, Wrath of the Gods, Great Chaos Fireball, etc.


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